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Linuxfest 2013

Linuxfest Northwest 2013

I went to Linuxfest Northwest again this year, and I had a great time.

This year I organized the Lightning Talks and plan on doing the lightning talks each year at linuxfest. We had a great variety of lightning talks, it was pretty fun.

I also did a session called “I wanna be the guy - The arduous path to senior sysadmin or How to be a better system administrator” which you can see here:

It is my first talk at a conference but I hope to do more in the future.

It took a while to get online, as I first did the video with openshot but what was on the video preview was not what the end video looked like. So I tried to work around it with openshot but eventually gave up. Did the same thing uses a friend’s copy of Vegas and it was a much nicer experience. Openshot is working on a new UI and I look forward to using it the next time I need to cut some video together.

The fest

Linuxfest Northwest 2013 was very fun, I like the sessions and meeting fellow linux enthusiasts. I’m more interested in finding other system administrators so I am always on the hunt to find them. Maybe I need to do an early birds of a feather for sysadmins so I can find out who the sysadmins are nice and early and then try to find them through-out the day.

The ID badge for lfnw deserves special mention. I have been to several conferences but this was the first that I have been to that had this type of badge. The badge was essentially a small booklet, on the front and back was your name and information; but inside the booklet was the conference schedule, and maps to the various rooms and events going on. This was very cool.

The after party on Saturday was at a museum called The lightcatcher. There were several nice exhibits, I liked the glass sculptures; but I didn’t think to take any pictures (which may have not been allowed, I don’t remember). I didn’t stay very late at the after party because I needed to finish up my slides (for the talk i was giving the next day).

I look forward to linuxfest 2014.