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Getting Started With Flamegraph

Linuxfest Northwest 2014

I went to Linuxfest Northwest again in 2014 and did another talk, this time on Flamegraph.

I’m posting the video nearly a year late, because I finally got around to editing it.

My excuses are:

  • I have a son who turns 2 next week, and I’m in the parental time warp.
  • I had to re-create parts in the video (the flamegraph demo parts) and it seamed like a daunting task but turned out to be very simple.
  • I’m a sysadmin not a video editor. All my future videos where I have to do the editing will be in a much simpler format. :)

Here’s the video.

And the slides (which these I posted the day after I presented).

Flamegraph has had some very cool changes since this video, and you can now use Flamegraph on your python scripts via plop.

Linuxfest 2015 is right around the corner, but I’m not doing a talk this year due to time constraints. :(